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Regulus Films is well known for our cinematic and stylish Miami Video Production Services. We top the list of film production companies in Miami as our company is a coalition of directors, cinematographers, film producers and makeup artist that can accommodate any size budgets. When it comes to getting your Miami video production done right the first time do not leave your project in the hands of a single cameraman. It takes a team to create a beautiful music video production Miami and as you will clearly see from the level of video production Miami that we provide. We are a full service Miami video production company passionate video production from start to end. Say no to amateur Miami video production and hire us for impactful and compelling video production that helps effectively communicate your brand message.

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Achieve Quality Video Production with Regulus Films

With the vast improvement in mobile devices, video has started dominating search engines and social media. Let’s look at some facts below:

  • Video views on mobile devices have increased 5 times in the past three years.
  • You tube has become the most popular search engine for videos and half of its traffic is coming from mobile only.
  • 80% of online visitors watch video all the way as compared to 20% who read the content.
  • In a survey it is found that video content has more potential to go viral.
  • Videos provide more information in less time and are more engaging than the static content.

Looking at the facts above, you might be thinking of creating video to showcase your product and services. But hold on for a second and introspect that how many times you have seen the full video. I am sure it about 20% of the times and not more than that because you might have found the video too large or not engaging enough. So it’s very important to focus the video quality because if you compromise with the quality, your video will be of no use. To make sure the quality video production you must hire Miami video production company capable of creating video that create everlasting effect on viewers.

Regulus Films -#1Miami Video Production team are your experts and consultants, and are there to help you making a great video, whether that’s in-house or via a third party. Having decades of experience, Regulus Films helps you to identify potential pitfalls and understand the importance of creating a solid structure early in the process to avoid failure in later stages. It our job to be aware of current technology, trends, styles and new ideas within the videos.

Contact us at 786-429-4511 for any Miami video production and allow us to plan from the start to make great videos for you that will help you and organization grow.